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Discover your perfect size with MySizeID and do away with checkout hesitation


Download the App, follow our quick and easy process (it’s a one-time process that takes just a few minutes), and instantly know your recommended size for every item.


How do I use MySizeID?

Step 1: Download the App “MySizeID - Measure Perfect Fit” on your phone

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the relevant video and use App on your phone to measure yourself

Step 3: Search for “Threads Uniform” in the search bar

Step 4: Discover which sizes will fit you perfectly!



Virtual uniform measurement


* It’s on your phone, so it’s with you at all times.

* Measure yourself once and save your data, see your size on the Threads online store via the App.

* Your measurements are taken using a unique, patented algorithm that uses your phone’s sensors. It doesn’t use cameras, or estimate your size based on images (so don’t worry about sending in photographs).

* Once we’ve created your personal size ID, you can use it any time on the Threads website via the App. You’ll see your suggested size, based on a perfect fit, whenever you browse.