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School uniforms are more than just apparel for students. They represent a brand and a culture and help develop one’s sense of pride. This is why it is necessary for schools to give school apparel great emphasis and importance. With keen attention to detail, trusted school uniform suppliers can design and create high-quality schoolwear that represents their institution’s ideals while providing utmost comfort.

Threads is a premier school uniform shop that offers clients customised and superior schoolwear and accessories. Our mission is to help academic institutions bring their school or organization to life, exactly as they imagined it. We produce responsibly manufactured, competitively-priced apparel for academic use. We are currently servicing clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah RAK, Al Ain, Fujairah, Switzerland and Africa.

Customised School Uniforms for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah &  Ras Al Khaimah schools

Threads believes that uniforms should be distinct in colour, design, and feel. We endeavour to provide students and academic professionals, with schoolwear that will make their school moments better, distinguished, and elegant. Our team of apparel designers will help you create a design of distinguished garment and accessories, that will match your institution’s branding and ethos, from embroidery and logos to the combination of attire and accessories.

Trusted School Uniform Suppliers in Dubai and the UAE

Threads prides itself on producing apparel of high quality and durability. Our products are made from ethically sourced materials that are sustainable, environment-friendly, and known to last. Each garment goes through inspection and quality assurance, to ensure that it meets the expectations of the clients.

As a full-service school uniform store in the UAE, we provide an end-to-end service to clients and organizations, who want to have a reliable supply of schoolwear for the whole year. From the design process to distribution, trust Threads to be with you every step of the way.

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